Getting a Notary at the Consular Agency Cebu City | U.S. Embassy in the Philippines

This blog is about me and my husband, visiting Cebu City for the first time. Our house back in the U.S finally got sold and one of the requirements of the Escrow Company is to have the Grant Deed Notarized by the U.S Consulate in the Philippines. If you are an American who is currently in the Philippines waiting for your house in the U.S to be bought, you might want to continue reading this blog because you will be going through the same thing. I will give you an idea of how everything goes at the Consular Agency Cebu through writing down our personal experience for your reference.

First, if you are still looking for a hotel to stay, you might want to check out Rajah Park Hotel located at Fuente Street where Robinsons and other nearby malls are located. We stayed there for almost 6 days because of the reasonable price, great customer service, clean room, security, good wifi, and accessibility. Even though it didn’t matter to us, I think this hotel also became attractive to many foreigners because of the Casino located on the 2nd Floor of the building.

View from Rajah Park Hotel Cebu City

Going to the Consular Agency wasn’t difficult at all. My husband went alone as I was almost 7 months pregnant. I was afraid it’s going to take a long time until we finish. I couldn’t sit around for long period of time anymore plus going to the restroom consistently (normal for pregnant women) could be a little inconvenient. My husband took a cab/taxi from the hotel, told the driver to bring him to the Waterfront Hotel (the Consulate and Waterfront Hotel is within the same building), and after about 15 minutes without hectic traffic (it was around 10 am) he arrived at his destination.

There was the usual security check when he got inside the office. He was given a priority number and was told to wait until his number is called. There were about 10 American Nationals waiting for their turn as well. When it was his turn, he was asked what the purpose of his visit was and asked to present his passport. He was told the overall fee for the Notary will be $50 or 2, 550.00 Philippine Peso. After the payment, the lady took the document and the passport and told my husband to proceed to the Consular Officer’s table. The Officer checked my husband’s document, ask a couple of questions, and had a short oath for my husband to repeat raising his right hand. The document was then signed, stamped, and that was pretty much it. Overall my husband has only been inside the office for about an hour.

Going back to the hotel was easy as well. There are already cabs waiting outside the building so as soon as he got out he was able to get a ride and come back to our hotel.

I hope this short article is able to help your visit to the Consular Agency in Cebu much easier and a lesser hassle. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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