Top 4 Tips on How To Not Go Over Budget

Mommies slash wifeys, let’s admit it – most of us SUCK at budgeting. We naturally love to shop, yes?! I mean, who doesn’t? Shopping feels therapeutic – after a long hard week of work in the office or at home, we feel like we deserve to splurge a little bit. But “a little bit” could go overboard if we’re not careful. So we should start asking ourselves, what should we do to not go over budget?

quotes about saving money

Check out these top 5 super effective tips on how to not go over budget that will help make sure you’re spending money for the right reasons:

Look for Extras

You have may have already heard of KAPA, Regin Marketing, Forex, Gambaru, and other pyramiding schemes that are going on especially in Mindanao. I had a couple of friends who messaged me, asking me about them (naks, financial advisor lang ang peg? lol). They know I’ve tried Foreign Exchanged before (Forex) so they’re asking if it’s really possible to grow your money in such a short amount of time. I always answer them with, “Absolutely, positively, unquestionably, YES! It’s possible!”.

quotes about saving money

 I can only speak of Forex because I have done it. I put in PHP15,000, used only about a quarter of it and earned PHP30,000 within a week. It wasn’t easy, but it was possible. Now you’re probably wondering why I stopped. The answer is because it’s very risky. It’s not for the faint-hearted. You have to be ready to lose, BIG. I knew I wasn’t ready for it. I was a beginner with very little ‘extra’ money to risk.

As for the pyramiding schemes, well, as the name implies, it’s a pyramid. Dahil nakadepende ang payout na matatanggap mo, sa payin ng ibang tawo. Sa madaling salita, walang payout kung walang payin. It will stop sooner or later lalo na at kaylangan patubuin ang pera up to 400%. Darating ang panahon “mas malaki ang amount na kaylangan ilabas kaysa sa amount ng pera na pumapasok.”

How about KAPA? They have businesses – they are capable of growing the money from the business they own. That’s correct, but even businesses and Forex investments go through losses. What happens then? How are they going to give your money back with interest when the business is down?

I say all this to make a point – if you want to put your money to these pyramid schemes, no one can stop you. You earned that money. That’s yours. But make sure you’re only putting in your ‘extra money’. Not your tuition fee, not your emergency funds, not your allowance for the whole month, not your savings. Use the money that’s supposed to go to your ‘wants’ – the money you spend on things you don’t really need but you buy anyway such as new clothes, new gadgets, etch.,

If you don’t want to go over budget, the same principle applies. Let’s say you were supposed to pay for your tuition fee this month and your budget was 10,000 but you surprisingly got a discount so you were able to pay less – use that extra money for whatever you like. Saving money doesn’t always have to make you feel like you have nothing left – you only need to know when and how to use your money para maging happy ka at mabili mo naman kahit papaano ang gusto mo.

quotes about saving money

Say NO to Credit Cards

A couple of weeks ago I was planning to get a Credit Card. Not for personal reasons but because I wanted to start a business and use the CC money as a capital. But I realized it wasn’t a good idea kasi utang parin. It’s always best to start a business or purchase something without using credit cards or getting loans. Although I have seen people who are doing well in their business even though their utang is left and right, but if you have a choice naman and you have konting savings in your bank account, better use that money to start. Practice telling yourself that using credit cards are not an option.

By the way, most successful  businesses started small. So if you only have 5,000 pesos, find a business you can start using that amount and go from there. If you know what you’re doing and what you want to happen, the business will grow before you even know it.

Diet, Diet Din Pag May Time

Ahhh, this is honestly one of my biggest problems – I spend too much on food! I’m a foodie at heart even though I can barely finish it lol. But I always try my best to place it in the fridge to finish for later. But anyway, if you don’t want to go over budget and you think you’ve been overeating, why not go on a diet? Use that diet as an alibi to save money. It’s a WIN WIN!

Di ko naman sinasabi gutumin mo ang sarili mo. Instead of buying that 150pesos frappe from Starbucks, why not buy a bottle of water to hydrate your body and stay full? Don’t stress – you can do it one step at a time. Slowly you’ll find yourself living a healthy lifestyle with much money pa! Wink.

The Good Ol’ Self Discipline

I’m not sure if you’re like me but whenever I hear the word ‘discipline’ I get really irritated. It makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s like saying, “You have to follow a certain rule or else you’re going to ruin your life.”

I prefer being told, “It’s okay. Just take it one step at a time”.

I want to tell you that it’s going to be hard but try it anyway. Save money, do it no matter how small, just try to save. Look at “self-discipline”, not as a challenge (it’ll stress you out!) but as a reminder. Remind yourself what you can do to reduce that Credit Card bill and hopefully pay it off, remind yourself to eat moderately instead of overeating and spending more than you’re supposed to for food, remind yourself to finish that leftover food in the fridge instead of going out to buy more food, remind yourself to pay your health insurance for the month before you buy that little black dress you saw at the mall, remind yourself to always, always do better in terms of how you’re handling your finances.

quotes about saving money


Thank you for reading this far! If you read all the points above, I want to say “Congratulations!”, you’re one step forward to reaching financial success! I know money is not everything, but it can certainly help us live a comfortable life lalo na at may mga anak na tayo. It’s never going to be about us anymore, it’s about our family na din. Goodluck and God bless, mommy!

3 thoughts on “Top 4 Tips on How To Not Go Over Budget

  1. Maraming OFW na nakatira sa aking bansa (Italya), kasali na rito ang misis (Pinay siya) ay gustong umutang.
    Halos 99% ng mga Pinoy na kilala ko dito ay baon sa utang, ibig sabihin na walang saysay mag-abroad kung utang nang utang.
    Sana babasahin nila ang iyong post…


    1. Hello po! Salamat po sa comment ninyo. Malaking problema po talaga ang utang sa amin kaya sana mas bigyan pansin ng gobyerno ang financial literacy sa mga eskwelahan para studyante palang ay marunong na humawak ng pera.🙏


      1. Sana….
        Nakakalungkot na kahit ang mga Pilipino na malakas kumita sa abroad ay madalas walang pondo at puro utang


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