5 Time Management Tips for Work at Home Moms

To be very honest, I don’t have a very good reputation when it comes to time management. I always find myself running around and can literally just work 30 minutes straight before I get interrupted again. Mind you, I only have one child. So yeah, I still have quite a long way to go. Needless to say, these time management tips for work at home moms I’m sharing with you aren’t really from me but from my fellow mums who, let’s just say, are better than I am time-management wise. 


1. Sleep is wealth. I made that up but it just seemed perfect to describe the first time management tip for moms I’m sharing with you. Make sure you prioritize your sleep if you find yourself not doing anything so you can thrive. If you’re under-rested, you’ll most likely drag all day and eventually waste time. Like any other activity, you need to schedule sleep and go to bed at bedtime so the next day, you can function well. 

2. Be reasonable with your work hours. Here’s another time-saving tip for working moms that I’ve been having trouble with following. I always find myself accepting jobs beyond what I can handle so I end up looking like a zombie when the day ends. According to my research, it’s best for us to validate the alignment of expectations for our work hours with our potential employer before we commit to taking a new role. We need to periodically check whether our employer’s expectations from our tasks have not changed. This way, we can decide whether or not to answer the calls or emails of our boss during our day-offs. I usually would dedicate the whole Saturday just for myself and my son although I admit, there are times I can’t help but respond to my boss’s messages (I have the best boss btw so that’s probably why I can help but respond to her). 


3. Embrace the impossibility of multi-tasking. Yup, please take my word for it. multi-tasking doesn’t work. Well, at least for me. Here’s the thing, whenever I multi-task, I couldn’t focus well on what I’m currently doing. I discovered that I perform better when I give my whole attention to the task at hand. I haven’t perfected this yet but I’ve learned to really start applying discipline to myself. I had to include this in my list of tips for moms because I know we all like to play with our kids while texting our husband a grocery list or working while thinking about what to cook for dinner. I have done this and I always end up with either forgetting something or a headache.

4. Avoid the internet at all costs. BIG time waster. This has consumed too much of my time more than work and to be honest, I’m no way proud of it. But it’s kind of impossible on the nature of the work I’m in. I’m a social media manager and the business we run requires a LOT of internet exposure. So I would say this time management tip for moms only applies to those who work offline. You can turn an innocent little break into hours of wasted time you can never get back if you don’t establish limits on how much screen time you get. Once you reach that limit, be sure to unplug.


5. Don’t be afraid to get help. Uhm, this last time-saving tip for work at home moms is dedicated to my fabulous ‘assistant,’ Helen. Well, she goes to school at 6 am and comes home at 5 pm. She prepares breakfast (we eat the same food for lunch) and dinner, does the laundry, clean’s the house, prepares Malcolm’s milk when she’s around, gives him a bath, watches him, and all these little things that’s keeping me sane. She’s in no way perfect but somehow she keeps my feet on the ground and reminds me how important time is. In exchange for her help, I provide her school allowance, pay for her school projects, and provide her basic needs. I get to do MORE work because of her. I believe that asking for help is not really an admittance of defeat, rather a way to maximize your potential of accomplishing more work.

I understand your desire and your need to earn an income while at home but things can work more smoothly if you apply these 5 time management tips for work at home moms I listed above. Our priority is still our kids and in order to be the best mum for them, we must first create a plan that will work both for us and for them – let’s make it a win win!

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