Why Working from Home is Better for Moms

When I graduated from college, my mind was always geared towards finding a good-paying job. I imagined coming to an office every day, sitting on a nice table and chair, and getting my first paycheck. That’s how I thought a perfect working life would be! 

At that time I never heard of online jobs or even thought of being a work from home mom. I didn’t even know what the internet was all about. Lol. It was when I first got a laptop that I started surfing online and eventually found something that I really like to do – writing! Working from home now that I’m a mom is even more awesome! 

But I know there are a lot of WAHMs out there who may not agree and will say working from home is the worst thing ever. But please remember that there is always a downside to every single thing in life. 

So, let me just share with you a couple of reasons why I think, moms working from home with kids are living the best time of their lives!

Why Working from Home is Better for Moms blog quotes

You Get to Spend More Time With Your Kids

This will go first because this is what really matters. You get to be a part of your children’s routines if you work from home such as taking a lunch break with your toddler or hearing all the days news when the kids get home from school and so much more. I’m not saying that parents working from home have unlimited time with their kids, but it will give you a chance to have more frequent opportunities to be with your children. You may also save money if you work from home because you don’t have to pay a nanny to watch over your child.

You Can Contribute to the Family’s Finances

If your husband is the only one working, earning minimum wage, you may be having a hard time paying for all the expenses incurred at home especially if you have 2 or more kids. It’s great to be able to help out and earn additional income. In my previous blog, I explained why women need to make their own money. You don’t have to agree with me, but I know for sure earning additional income is something we all want. 

Why Working from Home is Better for Moms blog quotes

You No Longer Have to Commute

Don’t get me wrong, I like traveling. What I don’t like is the traffic and I’m sure we all agree with that. Once you work from home, there is no longer a need to commute and you’re no longer wasting time. You’ll also save money on gas, public transportation costs, and car maintenance issues!

You Have More Freedom Working From Home

This doesn’t need to be explained but I want to share how I love the freedom I’m getting now that I work from home. I never really run out of work, there’s always something I need to do, but one thing I like is that no one is actually following me around or ordering me WHEN to do my job. Another example of the freedom I get is being able to sleep late and wake up late OR waking up the same time as my son. Ohhh, I love the morning or after nap cuddles! I love it when I’m the first person my son sees the first thing in the morning, and how I’m able to greet him good morning, and how he laughs when I tickle him. It’s those little things that make me appreciate my job as a work at home mom.

You Can Wear Just About Anything

Funny because even when we go out to go to the market, I never really wear a bra nor brush my hair. I just wear a jacket with a hoodie and I’m good to go. Working from home allowed me to wear comfortable clothes. If you’re tired of wearing heels or ironing your office uniform, you might want to consider working from home. I think one of the few work from home mom struggles I encounter is only when I got so used to not wearing anything fancy any more!

Why Working from Home is Better for Moms supermomwife blog quotes

You Can Do Something You Actually Enjoy

Let’s be honest here, we never really like doing other people’s work. Sure, there are those who have no problem with their co-workers but others aren’t really that lucky. You sometimes end up doing other people’s work adding to what you’re already doing. My job, however, allows me to work independently. I have teammates and they’re absolutely fabulous and we each have our own responsibilities but each of us works independently. We don’t even see other that much! We only update each other via chat, and that’s it! Most importantly, working from home allowed me to do what I really wanted to do – writing and be a stay at home mom at the same time!

You’ll Learn New Skills

One of the benefits of working from home for moms is that you get to learn things you never even knew existed. When I first started working online I didn’t really have any skills. Well, of course, I already know how to research, WordPress, MS word – just the basic things. But as time passed by I learned graphic designing, SEO, copywriting, and strategic SMM. These things I learned by reading and watching tutorial videos. I always tell this to everyone who asks what I do – there are so many opportunities you can find online, you just have to invest your time and effort in exploring and learning them. You can check out my previous blog, ways to make money online if you need ideas on how to start working from home.

Why Working from Home is Better for Moms supermomwife blog quotes


The advantages of working from home for me outweigh the disadvantages. But we live different lives so what works for me might not work for you. However, I like to think that we all want to save money, avoid toxic co-workers, spend more time with our little ones, and grow independently. If you think you can’t handle the demands of being a work at home mom, try to first evaluate what really matters to you the most. 

6 thoughts on “Why Working from Home is Better for Moms

  1. In my country women who work part-time outside their home spend so much money to commute (especially if they need a car to do so) that it almost not worth it. As a result they have to work long hours if they want to contribute to the family budget in a meaningful way and this often creates dysfunctional families where the couple has very little time for the relationship so working from home would mean a great deal

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Sir Edward! It truly is a blessing to be able to work from home and not having to commute every day of my life.

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  2. I’ve just got married last year and now, I am at the point of thinking if I should work outside home or just stay home and focus on our online selling business and YouTube. Also, we are planning to build our own family this year too. This, article helps me to choose better, “To work at home”. It won’t be too stressful and I don’t have a boss too Haha 😅


    1. Thanks Mae for your lovely comment! Please leave your youtube link in the comments so we can subscribe 😍🥰


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