This is Every Mom’s Worst Nightmare

Every mom’s worst nightmare is to see their children get injured or catch an illness that is life-threatening or needing expensive medical care. Perhaps other moms (or parents), have other fears but for most of us, it’s seeing our children suffer from an illness (or injury) that we cannot cure ourselves or we have no control over.

I’m sure you know about coronavirus and you’re probably sooooo tired and sick of reading & hearing about it. Don’t worry! You are not alone.

Every once in awhile ever since the quarantine started, I would find myself laying in bed in the middle of the night when everyone are already sound asleep, thinking about the what ifs..

What if the food we buy tomorrow from the market carries coronavirus and we all get sick?

What if my neighbors got the virus and the whole neighborhood gets it?

What if I catch the virus and I had to stay away from Malcolm – that means not seeing him for 14 days? 

Back in the days when the H1N1, SARS, and other illnesses came out, I didn’t really care because I was young and I didn’t have anyone to look after to. My parents were the only ones who were worried. 

It’s different now that I’m a mom. 

So, what can a mom do to stop thinking about the what-ifs and think positively instead?

How Moms Can Overcome Their Fears

I’m sharing with you this page of a devotional book I have been reading repeatedly for years. For a long time, this book truly helped me overcome my fears as a mom and as a woman in general.

This part of the book really resonates with me. Let me know if it will help you feel better too!

If you would like to read messages like this every week, leave a comment below and I’ll send a devotional message like this on your inbox every Sunday. 

I really believe that airing your frustrations & sadness is good for your mental health. You can write, read, cry, or sing if you like! If you’re scared or anxious, tell a friend or a family member close to you. Share with them your greatest fears, if they care, they’ll surely comfort & re-assure you that everything’s going to be alright. 

Most importantly, talk to God. He got us at the palm of His hands.

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