Lockdown Tips for Work at Home Moms

I have been working from home since I came back from the U.S in 2016 and then got pregnant in 2017. So I understand how difficult it is to juggle work & childcare as a work at home mom. But for those of you who never had to work from home, things might get a little overwhelming.

This is why I compiled a couple of lockdown tips for work at home moms that you might find helpful in keeping yourself sane while this Corona situation is still going on:

1. Keep Treating Weekdays as Workdays

Admit it, when your boss told you to work from home, you got excited. I don’t blame you. It’s always comforting to think about home. But when you’re a work from home mom, the reality will hit you sooner than you expected. It’s definitely not a luxury – it’s a full-time obligation.

So here’s one tip that I find really effective based on experience. I make sure I still treat weekdays as workdays. Although, yes I still have more time in bed since I don’t have to ride a bus to go to work anymore, that doesn’t mean I won’t keep up with my usual routine. I still get up as early as possible, eat breakfast, do a quick zumba, take a bath, get dressed, and then start working. I make sure to find a comfortable space where I can work uninterrupted.  By the time my son wakes up (he wakes up at 9 or 10am), I’ve already finished almost half of my work for the day. Be clear with your goals for each day & accomplish them like you would if you were in the office!


2. A To-Do List Is Super Helpful

I always make sure to prepare a To-Do list even if I couldn’t accomplish some of them. You have to be prepared to get distracted at some point when you’re working from home, after all, you’re a mom first. But it’s still important to structure your day and become your own manager by making sure you stay productive. 

At the end of each day, I always make sure to write my To-Do list for the next day so that I know where to focus my time & strength the next morning. You’ll find this tip in any lockdown tips for work at home moms you find over the internet because it is truly helpful!

3. Stay In Touch with the Outside World

I call my living room and front yard the “outside world,” anywhere where my computer is not there & I’m not working. I really find it mentally healthy to stop for a couple of minutes and play with my little one or walk around the block. I also make sure to call & answer calls from my family who live on the other side of town to catch up. Sometimes I would go to the market to buy our food or pay the bills instead of asking Helen (my fabulous helper) to do them for me. Doing these things are also a great way to get some exercise. I manage to do this pre-Corona times and I’m sure you can this too. 


4. There’s No Getting Away From Distractions

I’ve always talked about how inevitable distractions are. They are a part of the work from home life. So one of the lockdown tips for work at home moms I’m sharing with you would be to accept that there’s no getting around distractions & that’s okay.  Now, of course, when working in any industry, distractions are not acceptable. But during these days when schools are closed and your child is at home most of the time, do your best for you and your children to adapt to the situation. Explain to them what your working time means. If your company understands and they trust that you’ll be working just the same, even better!

I wrote about every mom’s worst nightmare in my previous blog because I understand it’s common for us moms to worry during this time.

Remember to reach out to others if you’re a work from home mom and struggling with the feeling of isolation. I am sure you are not alone!

8 thoughts on “Lockdown Tips for Work at Home Moms

  1. I have been working from home during this pandemic and have been treating every day like it’s the weekend! lol Hasn’t been working too well, so maybe you are onto something…


    1. Hey lovely, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on some of my posts. Means a lot! I took a quick look at your blog (sorry Im already in bed now) I think I’m going to be reading more of your posts the next following days! Love your content!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much Jane, that really means a lot to me too. Very excited to hop on this journey with you and see what else you’ve been up to! The little one is not letting me get anymore screen time today 🙈


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